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WISSOTZKY Magic Tea Box, 80-Count

WISSOTZKY Magic Tea Box, 80-Count


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  1. After getting a present card for Amazon.com, I had to get this herbal tea sampler box. My spouse and I both love tea and have it at the very least every various other day otherwise much more often. We especially like samplers also because we have different herbal tea preferences. I really love the Nana (mint) herbal tea, the lime and the raspberry. She loves the English breakfast and Earl Grey. My highest compliment is that these Wissotzky teas taste real, unlike several other flavored herbal teas that usually do not taste as you would certainly expect. When you make a mug of lemon herbal tea – suspect just what … you obtain delectable lemon-tasting herbal tea. The box behaves. Nothing special, however a great tidy look and I really like the within cover’s labeling that offers a little details on each herbal tea flavor in instance you’re not sure what taste you wish any given day. Oh yeah, the various other great thing about this sampler are there aren’t any “filler” flavors. Each flavor is distinct and tasty and I’m sure we’ll happily complete the entire box and be back for additional.

  2. I got this Wissotzky Tea Box for a business associate (and close friend)that lives in one more state. Not just did it show up early (thanks), however following is the email I obtained directly from my close friend: “The wooden box is gorgeous and I am visiting wait consistently for my tea-even when the tea goes out. It has a stunning latch and hinges and wonderful artwork. It is best. I love the tea option. I am going to utilize the herbal tea and box for my Xmas breakfast for my family members.” It is so reassuring to send out a present (without seeing it) and understand it will certainly be a top quality purchase.

  3. Exquisite box and attractive delectable teas. My mother raved over this. She intends to keep the box for her jewelry beading.

  4. Great for individual usage and for presents. We’ve gotten numerous of these and individuals always like them. It’s an excellent value and a wonderful surprise for tea enthusiasts. The herbal teas are the very best that I’ve tried.

  5. I got this herbal tea box for my sibling’s engagement celebration a couple of weeks ago. She had over a hundred folks so all the herbal tea was gone before we knew it. It looks rather, the selection of herbal teas is remarkable, and herbal tea preferences good. Because of the price, I will not be getting one more box, yet placed the lipton herbal tea from COSTCO in the vacant slots instead.

  6. I was really satisfied with the choice of herbal tea. Particularly liked the cherry. Wonderful container to keep for future use.

  7. It tries charming, and the box has superb discussion high quality. Do advise as a present! The Camomille is my fave.

  8. Exceptional variety of both caffeinated and decaf teas, and tasty tastes. Valued a free upgrade to 90 teabags in contrast to the 80 originally identified. Charming tea box with artful graphics and descriptions of the various herbal teas. Fairly impressive to offer visitors and family and enjoyable to enjoy them work through the extensive selections. Timely distribution.

  9. Wissotzky Miracle Herbal tea Chest, Assorted Herbal tea Collection w / 80 Assorted Herbal tea’sI was thrilled with the option and actually liked the tea tastes. Delicious and aromatic. Desirable case.

  10. Wonderful tea collection. I obtained this mainly for visitor and most of us like the preferences of the herbal teas. I would recommend it.

  11. This was a present. He liked it. There was a nice variety of teas. He is a herbal tea drinker. The wood box behaved.

  12. This was gotten as a gift and she liked it. Great option of teas, both caffinated and non caffinated. Terrific worth for money spent.

  13. I had never ever heard of this firm, however I received this as a present from my nephew. I was extremely amazed at exactly how good the tea is. I adored the berry tea, and the cherry was awesome! Expecting tasting the rest. Appealing company record too. The box is a wonderful location to store it, although not attractive as some are. But it will certainly be a wonderful area to keep my other teas when I have finished these – considering that I know I’ll be making use of these prior to my various other “shop got” herbal teas. I will additionally absolutely consider this when thinking about any gifts I may need to acquire in the future.

  14. acquired this for my 90 years of age auntie to who is a tea enthusiast. She adores it. Would certainly acquire once more

  15. Bought this as a present for a pal who is a herbal tea lover. He raved concerning it. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase.

  16. gave as a late Christmas gift. they love the difftent kinds of herbal teas in this box. was not simply the normal old herbal tea bags. new flavors. to excite the herbal tea enthusiast. many thanks for this product.

  17. I have actually given this as a gift sometimes. It rests on my counter so that I will go to these teas before other less desirable refreshments. The box is appealing yet unobtrusive and easy to use.

  18. Perfect gift for my sibling in Florida. Now she can have a different herbal tea each day. Now when her buddies come over, there is a terrific range of teas to choose from.

  19. The recipient(s) significantly taken pleasure in both the gorgeous discussion box and intends to re-purpose it as well as all the lovely herbal teas. The flavors according to them were unusual and effectively enjoyed. For any person that has a tea fan in their life I would very suggest this as a gift. Most definitely repainted an “S” on my upper body!

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